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List of Detailed Inventory Studies

Each of the suggested detailed inventory studies below is linked the NRI Component that includes relevant information and resources. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other detailed studies that a community elects to take.

Water Resources Evaluation
Water quality studies
Groundwater Studies (including resources of local or regional signicance)
Buffers for Surface Waters 

Wetland Studies
Wetland Evaluation, Prime Wetlands, Wetland Buffers, Vernal Pools

Active Farmlands
Inventory of active farmlands and types of farmlands in a community

Undeveloped Shorelands
Inventory of lake, pond, river, stream shorelines to assess shorelines that are currently undeveloped

Scenic Resources
Inventory of valuable scenic resources, including Designated Scenic Roads and Byways

Recreation Resources
Inventory of recreation resources, including local recreational activities and areas, trails, etc.

Historic and Archeologic Resources
Research and document noteworthy historic and archeologic resources associated with key natural resources

Unique Geologic Resources
Research and document unusual geologic resources that have local, regional or statewide significance.